Make It Real Coaching Package

If you are reading this page, you are likely a person who is self-aware, motivated, and talented. You dream of truly living your soul’s calling.

And yet…you may have difficulty in truly clarifying your calling -OR- you may need some extra support in how 
to take that vision and make it a lived reality.

The good news is that this is my area of expertise, and I am here to help.

In this coaching package, you’ll get 4-hours of my undivided attention to support you in moving forward with 
your dream.  Together, we’ll craft an achievable plan for how to get into effective action on a vision and make it real.  We’ll hone the vision and craft goals, milestones, and action steps to move it forward.  We’ll also focus on your inner process what internal barriers may need to be cleared our wounds healed as you step out with your fullest self, and I’ll provide you with ongoing accountability that can be so critical to success.

The sessions are very tailored to you and what’s needed in your particular situation. But here’s a potential schema of how the sessions might map out:

Session 1: Clarifying your objectives
-What is your big vision or exciting goal?
-Where are you now, what you’ve already done and what’s working?
-Where are you challenged?

Session 2: Designing a winnable strategy
-Identify the recurring actions, anticipated challenges and desired results
-Assess the situation & current skill level to make sure that the objectives are really achievable
-Set clear action steps to take before our next meeting

Session 3: Design a supportive personal environment (you choose most high-impact areas for focus)
-Incorporate environmental design elements into plans so transformation will use less effort and be more sustainable
-Explore the Memes impacting you: ideas, thoughts, beliefs, paradigms, styles and usages that are passed through generations
-Explore your relationships, networks, physical environment, financial situation
-Understand what’s happening on a body/soul level

Session 4: Create an ongoing game plan
-Evaluate results to-date and respond to challenges
-Review actions taken and assess the results
-Celebrate the successes and troubleshoot things that may have mis-fired
-Practice the skills you’ll be using -OR- work with some of the inner mindset issues that may be arising

Here are some other options of activities that might be woven into your process:  

  • Explore the legacy you want to leave in this lifetime
  • Clear the inner obstacles that are in your way with a personal ritual
  • Hone your “soul’s calling” statement
  • Understand which archetypes you might harness to support you as you follow your destiny path
  • Take inventory of the support systems you have in place, what’s missing, & how to streamline

Juicy Bonus – Soulful Meditations and Guidebook (Hard Copy)

Whether you are a woman or a man, the 13 feminine archetypes each offer can you a powerful gateway for personal alchemy and healing. Taken together, they allow us to heal some shadow pieces and  stretch into a deeper embodiment of the light within us.

And as you engage these archetypes and make inner shifts, those are translated into your outer world, creating new possibilities for you ARE and what you are DOING with your time and your energy.

The 13 Soulful Meditations offered here, along with the accompanying workbook, allow you to tap into each of these potent feminine archetypes. Get ready to unleash new parts of your being and supercharge your life.

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