Programs and Music to Awaken Your Feminine Wisdom

If you’re someone who craves a sacred space to nourish your feminine spirit, you are in the right place. If you are ready to go beyond who you’ve known yourself to be and passionately serve our planet and humanity, I welcome you. The depth of your loving presence AND your amazing talents are needed here and now.

My name is Devaa Haley Mitchell, and I am a spiritual guide, transformational leader & inspired musician. My life is dedicated to helping YOU reconnect to your radiant essence, share your soul gifts, and make a meaningful contribution with your life.

If you are drawn to this website, you are probably part of this growing community of both women and men that is being called to serve in this modern re-awakening of the divine feminine, bringing Her ancient wisdom forward in very new ways. So thank you for showing up.

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Welcome to my soul tribe!