Awaken and Heal Podcast

Vitality begins within. From meditation to sound healing and the shadow work to the spiritual roots of the Enneagram, this series dives into deep wisdom from top evolutionary leaders and teachers.

Episodes feature enlightening conversations with scholars, thinkers, and healers such as Russ Hudson, Michael Beckwith, Adriana Ayales of Anima Mundi, Grandmother Flordemayo, Eileen McKusick, and Andrew Harvey.

Hosted by Rev Dr. Devaa Haley Mitchell, each episode offers some of the best practices for energy healing, resiliency, joy and restoration that The Shift Network has gathered over the years.

Taking the Trust Leap with Devaa and Les Jensen on New Human Living Radio

Check out this session where Devaa discusses embracing surrender and cultivating trust, which is much easier said than done.

Igniting The Flame Of Love | Devaa & Andrew Harvey

Igniting The Flame Of Love: a dialogue with Devaa Haley Mitchell & mystic-scholar Andrew Harvey

Mystics around the world have spoken of a profound alchemical process that takes place in the body, mind and souls of serious seekers who fully embrace the masculine and feminine. It’s a loving union that allows us to fully show up as true stewards for our planet at this tender time.

The Divine wants to be born in us, through us and AS us in a marriage of all the opposites in our being.
This transformation results in the true sacred marriage: divinity and humanity melding into the form of the Divine Human.

This unification of masculine and feminine is an internal process that invites the splendor of the sacred feminine into holy union with the sacred masculine. It’s an external dance you engage in with others as lovers, heart-friends and spiritual community members.

In this free call event, renowned scholar-mystic Andrew Harvey has paired up with beloved priestess of the sacred feminine, Devaa Haley Mitchell, to take you into the heart of this mystery and illuminate it from the inside out. Together they will show you that igniting this flame of love is not solely the province of celebrated mystics but a birth that can (and even MUST) take place in the very marrow of your being.
Igniting the flame of love in your own heart opens you to the full spectrum of human experience — from the ecstasy of rapturous union with God to the agony of empathically experiencing worldly suffering — until you can feel and know yourself as the totality of all that is.

In this catalytic flame of love, opposites can be reconciled and a new kind of human being can emerge. Indeed, fully igniting our inner flame of love is an essential step on the foundational journey of actualizing our next evolutionary stage — and for transforming humanity as a whole.

It’s one thing to recognize this truth, but quite another to live and embody it day to day. It takes courageous shadow work, embodiment practices, prayer, surrender, ecstatic devotion and more. Song, poetry and celebration are crucial ingredients, as is entering into holy communion with others.

It is time to go beyond solo meditative practices that soothe us to embrace ecstatic practices of worship that ignite our greatest light and activate the alchemy of the sacred marriage.

Andrew Harvey is one of the few mystics of our time who is intimately familiar with the depths of this journey. He has drawn powerful lessons and insights from his own life, as well as from history’s greatest initiates.

And in October 2016, I’ll be combining forces with Andrew to lead an unprecedented, in-person 6-day retreat for The Shift Network, in which participants will experience the passionate power of sacred union.

This audio will give you an exquisite taste of the core insights and practices that will be deepened and explored during our live retreat.

Join us for this complimentary audio to discover:

  • How to welcome both your masculine and feminine aspects into an alchemical dance of sacred union
  • How to turn your intimate relationships into a practice ground for awakening
  • The importance of shadow work to integrate, love and welcome orphaned parts of us that are essential to the sacred marriage

In this session, we will open your body, mind and soul to an ecstatic union with the Divine and the world, lighting a path of reverence, love and service

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Why join a Mystery School of the Sacred Feminine?

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Celebrating Spring and Empowering Your Visions

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Living Your Legacy Now

In this podcast, Devaa inspires audiences to make a meaningful contribution to our planet and create lives that they LOVE.

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The Path to Feminine Fulfillment

The Path of Feminine Fulfillment is the pathway to restoring balance to humanity.

In this podcast, Devaa shares information from a course she is teaching, called “The Path of Feminine Fulfillment”, which can benefit both women and men alike!

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Succeeding On Your Own Terms

Most people desire to be “successful.” But success means different things to different people.

Many of us have bought into a vision of success that was defined by someone else, rather than asking ourselves what a truly fulfilling life – on our own terms – would look like.

In this session, I share raw and authentic stories about the ways I have felt more like a “failure" when living by a culturally-defined vision of success, not to mention the many ways she deeply suffered inside.

But as I stepped into a new vision of success that's truly aligned with her deepest soul, my world began to flower in beautiful and unexpected ways. And it keeps on flowering. In this session, I offer you an opportunity to explore your own vision of success. You will leave feeling empowered and inspired!

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Connecting with Your Inner Wise Woman

Inside each adult female, there is an inner wise woman. And you don’t need to be over age 50 or post-menopause in order to connect with this sage part of yourself!

The Wise Woman is deeply connected to your simple heart wisdom. When you are connected to this energy, you don’t take life all too seriously, and you know how to laugh at yourself.

This archetype supports us to simplify our overly-complex lives and focus on what truly matters. She invites us to see our life through the lens of a soul curriculum, naming the crossroads and the important choice points that we face.

I had the honor of sharing an hour-long session about the Wise Woman, including a deeper guided visualization and tools for connecting with her, as part of the Third Age Transformation Summit, hosted by Marion Elliot.

She graciously allowed me to share the recording of that session with all of you, so here it is! Just to to the link below to access it.


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Celebrating Your Mighty Aphrodite

I was honored to be the featured guest for Lisa Schrader’s monthly Shakti salon.

During our  dialogue, we explored what it means to be part of  a feminine mystery school, keeping it juicy in long term relationship, self love, protecting our sexual innocence from predators, stepping into our sexual expressiveness, the frequency of PINK and so much more. . . .

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Birthing Your Soul’s Calling

Telecast recording with Devaa Haley Mitchell from the “Marry Yourself Telesummit"

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Birthing Your Soul's Calling with Devaa Haley Mitchell and Elayne

Here's special training I offered, along with my teaching partner Elayne Doughty, to help women like you get in touch with their soul's calling.

SO many women showed up with the desire to live into their greatest potential and create a life that is joyful, meaningful and sustainable.  It was incredibly inspiring, and we want to now share the podcast with you, so you can benefit.

In this session we share about the 5 steps to identifying and stepping into your “sweet spot"–that special contribution to the planet that YOU are uniquely qualified to provide. These steps include:

Connecting with your essence at the core of your being and radiating it out.
Clarifying your deepest passions. What would make you move a mountain?
Sharing those talents and skills that bring you the deepest joy.
Identifying those environments where you thrive. Do you love to be with groups of people or do you work better alone? Are you happy at a desk or does your soul long to be outdoors?
Understanding the needs of the world. What are the pains and challenges of your community, and how can you be part of the solution?
Many women expressed they were well aware of their calling, but they hadn't been able to really manifest it. Why is that?

In most cases, it has a lot to do with fear and limited thinking, which comes up as you start moving toward your destiny path.

For example, you might fear failing or that you don't have what it takes. Maybe you compare yourselves to others and feel that you don't measure up, or that someone else has already done it–so why bother. Sound familiar?

To move through the obstacles and fears that will inevitably arise, you need to have solid strategies in place so that you don't become paralyzed and stop your forward progress.

The good news is that we are here to support you in an ongoing way with manifesting your dreams. We've worked with thousands of women and have helped them move swiftly towards their destiny, step by step.

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Activating Your Feminine Radiance

I was asked recently about the practices that I use to activate and maintain my feminine radiance–that inner light and beauty that emanates from our soul when we are connected to Source, joy, and our dharma.

I've taken the time to reflect on this topic and have distilled my understanding into 7 critical practices that we can each use to lead joyful, nourishing, fulfilling lives. By following these practices, I am convinced that you will find yourself more deeply fulfilled and less frantic.

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Sacred Relationship, with Stephen Dinan

An honest, intimate conversation between my husband, Stephen Dinan, and me about the ways our relationship has served as a foundation of our spiritual path.

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Let It Shine: Interview from the Women on the Edge of Evolution Series with Claire Zammit

With more than 8 billion people on the planet, we each have a unique fingerprint and sound pattern.

There is a unique and beautiful calling that your soul came here to planet Earth to manifest… and while your bright light may be a bit covered by painful experiences that have caused you to cover up your light, it is still there, burning brightly! Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!

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Embodying the Divine Feminine

This seminar is an overview and exploration of the topic of the Divine Feminine.

We briefly explore historical roots and and cross-cultural perspectives, as well as hear the perspectives of the participants on our call. We dive into a guided meditation where listeners can have their OWN experience with Her energy and share with each other about it.

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Sacred Union: Awakening Through Relationship

An overview of the principles and practices for Sacred Union, or conscious relationship.

These practices are based on our lived experience and help us to keep our own relationship growthful, alive, and ever-deepening.

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Aspects of the Divine Feminine

An overview of the 13 Faces of the Divine Feminine that serve as the foundation of my divine feminine courses.

Together we explore which aspects are more comfortable for us and which ones are less familiar–so we can stretch into new areas of our feminine radiance.

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