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Want to work one-on-One with Devaa? The Programs And Services Below Are Customized To Your Unique Goals.

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Transformational Coaching
Who are you at the deepest level of your being? What is your calling, and how can you make a living in service to the greater good? Learn how to navigate life’s transitions with grace and ease.
"Make It Real" Package
A powerful program that combines personalized one-on-one coaching time with Devaa, as well as, home study course materials and meditations to craft your unique soul's calling and bring it to life.
Sound Healing
From every spiritual tradition, sound helps to transform energy patterns, reveals measurable effects in the physical body, and facilitates the connection between mind-body-spirit.
Soul Sessions
Deepen your connection to Spirit, harness your gifts, amplify your purpose for being here and magnetize all good possibilities for your life – even in the midst of life’s toughest challenges.
"Goddess of Love" Package
Designed to be a sacred space for you to connect more deeply with the Goddess of Love and bring her sweet, kind, and nurturing energy straight into your heart.
Weddings represent the most sacred union of two souls, uniting individuals, families, and traditions. This holy union requires preparation, both for the couple as well as for the ceremony.

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    My soul speaks in rainbow velvet hues
    Laughs through the quiet whispers
    of raging streams
    And sings russet tones
    of morning sunrise
    My soul speaks
    of a blazing love fire
    alight in God's heart
    That burns me clean
    again and again
    My soul bears
    teeth of kali
    wrapped in gossamer angel wings,
    dancing in the moonlight
    and laughing as she hears my own life plans
    My soul is not afraid to love
    and loose and loose and love
    But my human self
    has forgotten
    how to play this cosmic game
    My soul speaks to me of a time
    and a place . . . and a space
    where we can celebrate our grandeur
    and SHINE
    brighter than the stars
    My soul speaks of what's beyond
    that silken veil
    and reminds me
    to sink deeper
    into my own true Home

    Products to Support Your Empowerment

    Transformational, healing and soul empowering products to support your spiritual growth.

    More than a Course – a Movement

    More and more of us are coming to the recognition that it’s time for a third wave of feminism that isn’t about rights or access to power, but about a genuine integration of feminine qualities at every level of our lives.

    This wave requires each of us to design our lives from our most authentic selves, and honor the feminine qualities that bring us joy.

    Soulful Women Audio & Workbook Program
    13 audio meditations with accompanying workbook. Tap into each of these potent feminine archetypes. Get ready to unleash new parts of your being and supercharge your life.
    Soulful Women: Mythic Life Course
    This program merges wisdom teachings of the 13 feminine archetypes, and teaches you how to harness their “larger than life potential” to make a tangible difference on our planet.
    Sacred Alchemy Album
    Sacred Alchemy is a breakthrough album for the awakening and liberation of the Divine Feminine, bringing ALIVE 13 faces of the Goddess with songs that range from sexy and untamed to reverential and tender.