5 Things I wish I knew before becoming Chief Impact Officer for Social Change

Shift Network is a media and education company dedicated to helping YOU unleash your full potential. We focus on personal and spiritual growth… as well as creating maximum social benefit for the planet.

To that end, Shift's Co-Founder, Devaa Haley Mitchell, is also their Chief Impact Officer, where she guides and oversees Shift’s social change initiatives as well it’s philanthropic activities, finding ways to leverage the educational and network assets for the greatest public benefit. Shift’s impact work focuses on peacebuilding, women’s empowerment, racial healing and civic engagement.

In this video, Devaa shares 5 things she wish she knew before stepping into her Chief Impact Officer role at Shift.


Infinite Tears Music Video by Devaa Haley

Infinite Tears is a song that merges Devaa's deeply personal story with the collective pain that so many are experiencing right now. This song was written in the days following Devaa's miscarriage of twins. One heartbeat ended about 10 weeks into the pregnancy and the second one at about 11 weeks… after 5 rounds of in vitro fertilization. Devaa thought she may never have children and was deeply heartbroken… and this song speaks about the infinite tears she cried at that time.

And now, people everywhere are shedding infinite tears… because of the pandemic and lives lost… not to mention the separation of loved ones. And that's on top of the racial tensions that are tearing our world apart… the ongoing degradation of our environment.. the political divides.

It's a lot to navigate.

And yet.. there is hope.. there is grace… there is a positive future ahead… both for Devaa and for the planet!


Devaa Haley Mitchell - From Roadkill to Radiant

For most people I know, this year has been extremely challenging. There have been a lot of lows, and even lower lows. And now… we are trying to figure out how we can recover. How can we come back to center? How do we renew?

There have been days this past year where I woke up just feeling like roadkill, completely flattened by life. The things that usually made me smile and the things I usually had the patience for all just made me want to run.

So how can we truly RESET ourselves as we begin to re-emerge as the pandemic starts to wane? ☀️

I gave a keynote talk on this theme recently at the RENEW Fest… so I am giving you the first piece of that talk here… with my personal story of how I regularly reset my own system.

And I'd also love to know how you are resetting your own system in these challenging times… so let me know!

Devaa Haley Mitchell Keynote - Being the Love that you ARE

In Western culture, we tend to focus a lot on romantic love. But to me, the greatest joy comes from acknowledging and celebrating ALL the love in your life 💕💕💕 … that comes in various forms and from various beings… and generally welcoming in MORE love & greater intimacy. So I've recorded a practice to allow us to dive into the frequency of love…then look out through a Goddess' eyes of love… singing and offering prayers to open our hearts more fully to love.

Devaa Haley Mitchell Keynote - Being a World Changer

In this video I share my experience about becoming a World Changer. I describe the “inner glass ceiling" that so many women experience that holds us back from giving our deepest gifts to the world. Women seem to think they are NOT made of the special stuff required to really make a difference on this planet… what is the REAL difference between YOU and someone making a major shift on this planet? And how can YOU shift right NOW to become one of those people?

Check out my keynote and join me in being a World Changer!


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