VLOG: Video Beltane Ritual

VLOG: Video Beltane Ritual

Ritual co-created by: Devaa Haley Mitchell Ariel Spilsbury, Natalia Price, & Elana Aurbach

Beltane is halfway between spring equinox and summer solstice.  In early Irish literature, it was noted as the start of summer.  It marked the beginning of summer and was when cattle were driven out to the summer pastures.

Today it’s often celebrated as a fertility ritual, where couples are celebrated in their sensual and sexual union.  But here today, I want to honor a different king of union. Sacred Union.  Union of inner and outer, sacred and profane, male and female, inspiration and expression.

This quote from Stahawk’s Spiral Dance book captures the energy very well. She says, “This is the time when sweet desire weds wild delight.  The Promise of Spring and the Power of the Waxing Year meet in the greening fields and rejoice together under the warm sun.  The tree of life is twined in a spiral web and all of nature is renewed.  We meet in the time of flowering, to dance the dance of life."

We hope you enjoy the ritual!


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