3 Practices for Igniting Soul Abundance, Passionate Love and Daily Magic

I honor you for your intention to invite deeper abundance, love, and magic to flow into your life. Here are details of several simple practices you can use on a daily basis.  Please give these a try and feel free to share them as a little Beltane gift with others that you want to love.  And please DO come back share your experiences with us about what’s unfolding in your life as you work with these practices.

Practice 1: Invite Soul Abundance

  1. Go through a guided visualization process to see yourself really living your vision of what you are intending to have BLOSSOM in your life.
  2. Write down your action steps to take within one week (WOW) and tell at least one person about your vision.
  3. In a very visible place in your home (perhaps on your altar, if you have one), place your WOW action steps and begin to take action. If you had any specific images that have come to you around your intention, then you may choose to do a simple piece of art connected to that vision and place it in this visible place as well, so you are often reminded of it!

Practice 2: Ignite Passionate Love

Here are 3 simple ways that you can create a deeper energetic for your loving, whether you have a partner or are on your own.  These elements are probably not new to you, but I want to just remind you to actually DO them in a regular and consistent way. Just putting in a small amount of energy in these ways  can really increase depth and the passion in your intimate life.

  1. Ambiance – Create an atmosphere that inspires your sensual nature. Light a candle. Music. Incense. Perhaps a bubble bath?
  2. Ritual – Begin by offering gratitude for the other person. How has he/she touched your life. Then set an intention for your time together. If you want to dedicate the energy of your loving towards some greater good, go for it!
  3. Pleasure – Follow the pleasure path by stimulating each of the senses, in both you and your partner. Keep staying tuned in to what feels totally amazing… and do more of THAT!

Practice 3: Cultivate Daily Magic – Starting in Your Garden

  1. Choose at least 1 food to plant that will bring you great joy (if you have limited space, consider planting an aromatic herb… like basil!  If you have enough room, even one tomato plant can yield so much amazing fruit! So much better tasting than anything store bought!)
  2. Putting your prayers and intentions into your seeds as you plant them.
  3. Consider putting the food seeds in your mouth, under your tongue, hold them there for 9 mins before planting so it will nourish you as much as possible. From Ringing Cedars Series by a woman named Anastasia. Water only after 3 days, so your saliva will not wash away (wait at least 3 days) – See my blog post for full details on this ritual: devaa.com/seeds

Bonus Practice: Food and Feasting

  1. Put your love and intentions into your food as you prepare it.
  2. Say a blessing, honor the Earth, before you eat.
  3. Allow yourself to really SLOW DOWN and ENJOY the food, its flavor, its texture, its temperature…
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