Connecting with Your Inner Wise Woman

Inside each adult female, there is an inner wise woman. And you don’t need to be over age 50 or post-menopause in order to connect with this sage part of yourself!

The Wise Woman is deeply connected to your simple heart wisdom. When you are connected to this energy, you don’t take life all too seriously, and you know how to laugh at yourself.

This archetype supports us to simplify our overly-complex lives and focus on what truly matters. She invites us to see our life through the lens of a soul curriculum, naming the crossroads and the important choice points that we face.

I had the honor of sharing an hour-long session about the Wise Woman, including a deeper guided visualization and tools for connecting with her, as part of the Third Age Transformation Summit, hosted by Marion Elliot.

She graciously allowed me to share the recording of that session with all of you, so here it is!  Just to to the link below to access it.  Enjoy!

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