Food & Supplement Tips for Navigating the Coronavirus Pandemic: Resources from a Conscious Mama

We are all facing countless challenges as we navigate these choppy waters with the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of us are now “hunkered down" at home for an unknown amount of time. So how do we all navigate this period with as much grace as possible, while staying healthy and sane?

I wanted to share a list of some of the very practical tips and resources that our family is using to stay happy and healthy at this tender time.

This particular article focuses on food and supplements that may be of benefit to you. Future articles will include activities for kids and MORE!

IMPORTANT: If you have any signs of coronavirus, please do NOT take ibuprofen or Advil until more research has been done. It seems Tylenol is preferred. See this article from the BBC for more information:

ALSO: Please DO support local businesses right now! During this time of economic hardship, it’s especially important to support your local businesses! Many stores and restaurants are now offering a curbside pickup service where you can place orders online or over the phone and then come pick-up your order curbside. Call your favorite places and see if this option is available.

I hope these practical tips are helpful to you as we together navigate these challenging times. Stay tuned for more practical tips about how to navigate this epidemic with as much grace and ease as possible… and please let me know what topics would be most helpful.

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