Embraced by Love

For many of us, we often put a big focus on romantic love with another person. But our whole world is in need of a deeper love that comes from the center of our intuitive and spiritual heart. When we fully activate our heart centers, we’re able to see through the eyes of love, touch with the hands of love, walk lovingly on the Earth, and extend deep compassion to ourselves and those around us. We live in deeper connection with all beings. We become a true blessing force on the planet. We live AS an embodiment of love itself. Sounds good. But how do we actually shift into this frequency of love? There’s many practices and processes that I’ve found helpful in living AS love (and I am certainly still learning).Here’s one very simple technique I learned many years ago from Heart Math that helps to activate the heart. It seemed so simple that I barely believed it could have an impact. But it is easy and effective, so I have been using it regularly for years.

Here’s my own adapted version of their “Heart Lock-In” Technique. Begin by closing your eyes and placing your hand on your heart and to begin to breathe more deeply and more slowly, as if you are breathing directly into your heart. After a few rounds of breathing, then bring into your minds eye an image of someone or something that you truly love. Allow the vibration of love to move through your body, expanding from your heart until it fills your whole being. I see it as a pink colored stream of light that blankets my body in its soft hue. Allow every part of you to enjoy this energy bath, inviting your organs and cells to drink deeply from this nourishing energy. And when you feel FULL, then allow the love to overflow beyond your physical boundaries, into the space around you.Allow the energy to expand yet further, and then direct it to a person, situation, or place in the world that you sense could deeply benefit from this energy. When you feel complete, open your eyes and take a quick scan of your body and notice how you feel. I am always amazed at the difference this simple exercise creates. Enjoy!

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