Inspiration Ritual

Today, I am thinking of you and the other women in our global sisterhood. And I am thinking about how to continue the inspiration for you, for me, and for EVERYONE through this weekend.

Yes, inspiring speakers certainly DO lift my spirits, and I am hoping they’ve been lifting yours as well.  And yet, there’s no speakers this weekend (though you can still listen to the replay from Thursday’s session on “Living a Happy and Passionate Life.” See details below).

So I’ve put together a little inspiration ritual for you to do, if you so desire, this weekend, with a fresh meditation–hot off the press (I recorded it yesterday just for you!)

1.  Begin with gratitude.  What are the top 5 things that you are grateful for in this past week? Who or what has most inspired you and why? Review both the speakers from our Summit as well as other beings or situations in your life that have been particularly notable.  And, not to be missed, reflect on what has made you feel most proud of YOURSELF in this past week?

2. Prepare for a luxurious bath (if you have one. If not, you can take a shower, then do the rest of the ritual in a comfortable space in your home). Set the space to be really beautiful. If you have any fresh flowers, place them where you can see them from the tub or sprinkle some of the petals in the water.  Fill the tub with enough water to cover your body (but be very conscious in water drought areas!) Add Epsom salts and/or essential oils and/or healing herbs (rosemary works well) and/or bubbles!   Prepare a very large glass of fresh water and a cold washcloth for your head.  Download the meditation that I recorded for you, and have it handy to play at the right moment. Get it here:

3. Find some music that deeply touches your soul and put it on in the background.  Then slip into the bath, allowing yourself to enjoy the music for as long as you choose.

4. When you are ready, begin to play the meditation that I created for you.  If you cannot access the recording for whatever reason, or you choose to do it on your own without the recording, here are the basic steps:

  • Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly.  Bring into your minds eye a person or an experience that has deeply inspired you.  Let that person or experience fill your mind for about 30 seconds.  Then release the image or memory, but hold onto the full-body sensation of inspiration.

  • Breathe in and out the word inspiration.  Allow yourself to take in this phrase, “I am an inspiring woman.” See yourself really living as an inspiring woman.  What are you doing? How are you feeling?”  Luxuriate in that image.

  • Ask yourself, “what, if anything, is different in this vision from my everyday reality? What would need to change to live this inspiring life?”  Take note of what arises.

  • Imagine that someone is coming up to you, wanting to hug you, thanking you for the inspiration you’ve offered–for the difference you’ve made.  Allow yourself to take it in.

  • Gently come back to feeling your hands on your womb and your heart.  Ask yourself what step or steps you will take TODAY to live even more in alignment with the inspiring woman that you are.  Allow yourself to complete the meditation.

  • Finish your bath in your own sweet time.

5. As you get out out the bath, choose to rub your body down with something really yummy–like coconut oil or a luscious lotion.  Open up to the energy of reverence, choosing to apply the oil or lotion slowly, pouring love into your body through your own hands as you rub yourself down.

6. When you are done with your bath, journal about what information, if any, you received during the meditation.  Take note of the commitment you’ve made to live in alignment with the inspiring being that you are. What is the action you are going to take today?

7. Share your gratitude as well as your own proud moments with someone you love and trust.  Let this be a shared experience! Then ask that person to share with you one thing that inspires THEM about YOU (feel free to tell that person that I asked you to do this!)  Revel in the inspiration of YOU!

Enjoy the ritual, and I’d love to hear details about how it went!  Share with me on our facebook page:

If you are interested in another meditation from me on “Accessing Your Deep Body Wisdom,” that’s another gift that I am happy to make available to you. That meditation was done professionally–so it’s fancier than today’s recording, a bit longer, and it includes music that I wrote myself, etc. etc! Get it at the link below, and just click “Inspiring Women Summit” when you select the email list for sign-up, so I’ll know to send it to you!

Here’s to blazing a new path to an extraordinary life!

With love,

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