Manifesting Through Magnetism

It happens every day in nature. You see colorful flowers radiating their beauty and fragrance into the world. The hummingbirds and bees are attracted and naturally come to pollinate the flowers. What can you learn from nature and apply to your own life?

Nature shows us that beauty, joy and pleasure are magnetic. And when you tap into your wellspring of joy, you can use that energy to manifest with grace and ease — feminine style. No more pushing to “make it happen.” No more endless late nights of working, working, working to create your life’s work. Let go of the long TO DO lists and try on a new possibility.

The wonderful thing is that joy is actually our natural state. Think about humans when we are first born into this world as babies.  When babies are not having some sort of problem (like being hungry or tired or having a dirty diaper), they are usually quite happy.

I remember spending some time around my brother’s kids when his son was just a few months old and his daughter was a toddler.  Most of the time, they were both in this state of wonder, laughter and joyfulness.

So what happened to that joyful state?

If you are anything like me, as we got older and were put through the modern education system, we were removed from nature and put behind desks. We were asked to conform to quite linear structures. We were given chores and were told there is a lot of work to be done… including homework as a youth.

And as we continued to grow older, the amount of work continued to increase, and was often not so interesting and fun.  There were (and continue to be) many bills to pay and a lot of stress to manage.

Some of us were told that working hard is the key to success. And we believed it.  And while it’s certainly true that hard work can lead to manifesting great things, it’s not the only way.  And that pathway can lead to quite a lot of burnout and bodily dysfunction. Not to mention dissatisfaction with life.

So I personally embarked on the feminine path of manifestation, which has some different ingredients. Two important ones are beauty and pleasure.  These qualities are both HUGE sources of energy as well as creative juice.

Want to know HOW to harness the power of beauty and pleasure for manifestation?  Stay tuned to my next article when I’ll share a few key tips with you…  Or listen to our teleclass on Manifesting in the Feminine Way!

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