Manifesting with the Moon

Using the lunar cycle is a very powerful tool for bringing your intentions into physical manifestation. We begin in the dark of the moon, which is a time to surrender and listen for deeper guidance from the Universe.  If you don’t know when the new moon (dark moon) will next happen, you can do a quick online search to find a lunar calendar.

The new moon gives us the opportunity for deep listening. And if you believe that there’s truly a greater Divine Intelligence at work, this is a time when you can most easily step away from your own personal desires to listen to the divine plan that is wanting to manifest through you.

Following the path of Saint Francis, you might offer a prayer something along these lines “Spirit, make me thy instrument.” And then open to receive the words, the symbols, and the guidance that emerges.  Allow your own intention for the month to be co-created with spirit (if you want to experience me guiding the group through a similar exercise, check out the video from this week: The Way of Feminine Manifestation).

Then every few days, you can shift your focus and work with another archetype ofthe sacred feminine.  So after setting your intention in the new moon, keep your energy in the Great Mother’s receptivity for 2-3 days.

Then again every 2-3 days, move to the next archetype, until you’ve worked your way around through the entire set of 13 archetypal energies during the moon’s 28-day cycle.

This way, you’ll be bringing your energy back to your intention at least every few days. And you’ll be working with it in a different way-in alignment with the associated phase of the moon.

See the graphic below, which was created by Ariel Spilsbury, followed by the detailed step-by-step instructions, and allow them to serve as your guide through this process.

The graphic itself is a bit complex. Ariel calls it the “Moon Mat,” It basically lays out the entire “map” of the 13 Moon mystery school.  It’s also used as divination tool.

If you really want to understand the 13 Moon lineage and enter deeply into the feminine mysteries, I’d encourage you to explore my Feminine Soul Initiation program, starting soon. You can also access Ariel’s entire 13 Moon Oracle, which comes as a printed “box set” that can be delivered to your doorstep. The Moon Mat is a part of that package. You can access it here:

Each “slice” of the wheel represents one of the archetypes of the sacred feminine. You will notice that there are 4 black rings, each one containing text. Counting from the inside, you’ll see that the third black ring has the name of each archetype. For example, “Great Mother,” “Goddess of Compassion” and “Priestess” (note that we begin with the Great Mother and then work our way around the wheel in a counter-clockwise direction.”

The second rings name one of the qualities of that archetype, and the fourth ring offers Her mantra.

The first ring of images depict the sacred geometry and color frequency associated with each archetype. The seond ring of images depicts the sacred tool of each archetype, which we are aiming to embody within our own being. Finally, the last ring of images is the phase of the moon associated with each archetype. I hope this makes sense to you!

Finally, the image in the center represents the final archetype, the Alchemical Goddess. She embodies the full rainbow spectrum of feminine frequencies, and she holds all the archetypes within the chalice of her being.  She represents UNION, FREEDOM and GRACE. Yum!

1) I surrender. I receive. In the dark of the moon, all creations begin in the silence of the womb of the Mother in receptivity and openness. (Work with the element earth to co-create.)

2) I recognize. I seed. On the new moon, observe what needs to be recognized? What intentions are you going to seed? (Work with the element of fire to co-create.)

3) I amplify in stillness. In the crescent moon, take the seed of fixed objective or intent into the silence of inward focus seeing/feeling it as already blossomed. (Work with the element water to co-create.)

4) I focus. I create. In the waxing moon, further focus your intention and create models, or flesh out your vision. (Work with the combination of fire and earth to co-create.)

5) I intend. I empower. In the further waxing of the moon, empower your intention with further refinement. (Work with the next resonance of invitation to earth to co-create.)

6) I play. I inspire. Opening up to creative inspiration for embellishing your intention. (Work with alchemically combining the elements fire and air to co-create.)

7) I feel. I respond. I beautify. In the full moon, add the depth of your feelings (especially joy) to your sustained focus, to respond to and beautify your creation making it magnetically attractive.(Work with the alchemical combination of the elements fire and water to co-create.) Remember joy magnetizes!

8) I fuel. I consume. Putting your intention/creation to the elemental fire of Shakti to be fueled and to purify any part of your intention, which is only self serving, not looking out for the good of the whole. ( Work with the next resonance of empowerment of the element fire to co-create.)

9) I clarify. I challenge. I align. As the moon wanes, re-examine and challenge your intention/creation in the light of the wisdom and experience you have garnered in the process thus far. ( Work with the element air.)

10) I simplify. I resonate. In the further waning moon, distill to the quintessential essence, your intention/creation. This might be a symbol, image, sound, geometry etc. which you will then use to dream and connect with the larger matrix.  (Work with the third invitation to the element earth to co-create.)

11) I dream. I connect. In the further waning moon you dream and network/connect your creation into the larger field of reception. (Work with the next resonance of invitation to the element air.)

12) I trust. I release. As the moon becomes a sliver once again, you release your intention/creation to the Universe to receive back that which serves the good of the One. (Work with the final invitation to the element earth to co-create.)

13) I am Changing Wo/man, the Realm of alchemy: portal to union, ecstasy and freedom that holds all elements and phases of the moon.

**This process comes from the work of Ariel Spilsbury and the 13 Moon Mystery School. Learn more at

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