Navigating the Holidays with Grace

Holiday time is upon us! It personally caught me by surprise this year and feels all of a sudden. And while many of us have the sense that it “should be” a wonderful time to celebrate with friends and family, for others it can be a very painful time… especially when our lived experience is very different from the perfect picture that is so often portrayed in our society.
And for those living in the USA, this year may feel especially hard because many families are divided in terms of politics… with both sides feeling VERY strongly. So I’ve heard some people really dreading spending time with family over the holidays.
So how do we navigate it all with as much grace and as possible? 
For me, it’s about putting my focus on gratitude. There is SO MUCH happening in the world that feels out of alignment with my own values and vision for a thriving planet. And yet… I can also tune in with an underlying sense of goodness.
I was in meditation last week, and I was asking myself “What is actually supporting me right now?” I opened my eyes, and I was able to really receive in the beauty of the green trees out my window. The vibrancy of their color felt nourishing to my soul… The comfort of my couch, where I was physically sitting, was supportive. The healthy food I ate that morning was grown and prepared in a way that nourishes and supports my physical body, but I often just take it for granted.
Then I tuned in with my marriage, with the human love and support it offers on a daily basis. And then my network of friends, family, and allies who have held my hand and my heart through the dark nights as well as the joys. I was able to really feel this overwhelming sense of goodness at a vibratory level… and I felt profoundly grateful.
Tuning back in with that place of goodness and support has given me the energy and the courage to keep showing up, keep staying awake, keep my heart open…in the face of it all.
It’s such a profound paradox, to feel gratitude when there are so many obvious issues flaring on our planet. And yet, it’s the call of this moment. Blessed be this opportunity to pause, reflect, and be grateful for the many gifts of our lives.

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