POEM: A New Year Has Come


The first golden rays
Breathe life
Into a new year.
Green desires unfurling
Beneath winter’s chilly coat
Laughing iridescent hopes
And dried up tears
For what never came to pass.

I saw you there
Flying on the sunrise
With hair matted and a tattered smile
Whispering secrets to the sun
And kissing the frogs.
I conjured you up,
And then you appeared
Our lips engaged in tender rapture.

What stories
shall we write on this blank canvas?
What dreams will come true and
How many multicolored carpets dare we ride?
And whose hearts-
Withered yet new-
will we hold and kiss
and tuck in at night?

Take my hand now
and tell me sweet lies
that I’ll never be alone
And that it won’t hurt so bad
This year
For all is shiny and new
Still the same
Yet different.

We can create
a new endless now
If only for a moment….
Let us shout and praise
our fleeting glory.
For a new year has come
And the champagne bubbles
Are still singing our names.
–Devaa Haley Mitchell

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