Reconnecting with Your Radiant Essence

In our natural state, we are vibrant and fully alive. We are connected to our radiant essence that flows easily and naturally. But it’s often quite a challenge to experience the fullness of your radiance in our fast-paced society. Many of us are constantly on the “go” or are responding to the constant demands of our lives – our families, our job responsibilities, our phones and our emails – just to name a few! And we loose touch with the still small voice of our spirit that moves at a slower organic pace.

In this state of affairs, we are often NOT fully present for the activities of our life, so they aren’t all that satisfying. For example, you may be hungry and grab a cookie and eat it without ever really tasting it or enjoying it. And then you are left craving more, both physically and spiritually. You wonder why you can’t stop at just one cookie. Then the guilt sets in, which smothers your radiance.

That’s why it’s so important to establish a regular practice where you take the time to attune deeply to yourself and all that’s transpiring in your world. In doing so, you’ll gain greater satisfaction from your life. You’ll notice the flavor of a decadent morsel, a feeling on your skin, an emotion, or the intuitive guidance. Eventually, you’ll be able to carry this awareness with you throughout the day and the delicious flavor of that cookie will linger for a while!

You probably already have a practice that serves you in our daily life. So here’s a little exercise that you can add at the end to give yourself an extra lift.

Simply place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly and breathe deeply into that place to center yourself. Placing your hands lovingly on your body will help you to move your energy into your body and out of your mind. Invite yourself to connect with the light that’s at the core of your being.

Though it seems so simple, this body and breath awareness can reunite you with your inner light. Imagine a spark of light at your core that is growing with each inhale. Allow the light, that radiance at the core of your being, to fill your body more and more. Invite your dense, physical body to enter the same frequency as that light. Imagine that light continuing to grow bigger and brighter with every breath until it fills your entire body.

Spend a moment or two to bathe in that light.

If you spend even a few minutes doing that every day, you will feel a lot more alive, radiant, and juicy, and not quite as harried or frantic in your day! Enjoy!

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