The Beauty Way

When we experience something truly beautiful, it can open-up the universe and allow grace to bathe us in Her sweet embrace.  Whether it be an incredibly gorgeous landscape, the smell of a rose in full bloom, an exquisite piece of music, or a delicious mouth-watering bite, when the senses are titillated and deeply experienced, we create a portal to commune with our true essence.  That essence is pure, radiant and divine.

Picture this: You are walking at sunset at on a long stretch of white sand, with soft grains that slide between your toes.  The air is filled with the gentle sound of small waves lapping against the shore.  As the amber sun drops its bright face below the horizon, it bathes the beach in a pinkish glow.  A slight breeze brings you the smell of an open bonfire, while the taste of saltwater licks your lips.  You wrap an arm around your beloved, who is walking beside you.  And you smile.

As I allow myself to imagine this scene, I feel my own heart begin to open.  I feel the boundaries that separate me from the world begin to soften and relax.  I start to let go.

One of my mentors, Ariel Spilsbury, says that “through beauty, life is brought into natural harmony. . . . In this state of harmony, body, mind, feelings and spirit are not in conflict, but in unity and linked to one’s essence and the larger pattern of perfection.  Harmony is merely a reflection of a higher level of reality.”

 This reflection resonates deeply for me.   I experience the Beauty Way not as a requirement to externally look good or have the latest fashion (though that can be lovely when it truly delights me to do so).  Instead the Beauty Way is a spiritual path, a way of living.  It is an invitation to create beauty, to look for beauty, to live AS beauty in terms of the way I treat others and myself.

In the rush of our busy daily lives, can we find the time to stop and experience a bit of beauty?  Are we willing to pen a hand-written note?  Or arrange a breathtaking bouquet of flowers?  Do we give ourselves long baths filled with rose petals?  Or prepare a feast for the senses for a lover?  For most, these moments are few and far between.

But I personally know that it’s worth the effort.  Creating and taking time to deeply experience all the beauty around me and within me adds richness and depth to this wheel of Samsara.  It’s like opening an old bottle of red wine that’s been aged to perfection.  Beauty brings gratitude and joy.  And we could ALL use a bit more of those things.  So consider walking the Beauty Way for a week, and see how your life blossoms as a result.  You’ll be happily surprised by the magic that will surround you.

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