The Rite of Real Nurturance

There are many ways to truly love and nurture yourself at this special time of year. One way you can do this through a simple sensory ritual that uses each of our senses: smell, taste, touch, and sound. Our juicy sensuality is the vehicle through which we connect to the divine, the spirit force, and channel ecstasy. It begins with knowing yourself and knowing what you want in this moment.

Many of us often have a hard time expressing or even admitting to what we want. However, the truth is that you are very powerful manifesting your own thinking.  In fact, at some level, our life is a reflection of our thoughts. So it’s important to know what truly brings you pleasure.

 Over the next few days, I encourage you to practice asking yourself:

Is this fun?
Does this feel good?
Does this taste good?

As you ask these questions, you tap into the amazingly accurate information that is held in your feeling body within different states of feeling.

In this Rite Of Real Nurturance you are going to be inviting yourself to listen to those feeling states. Whenever limiting thoughts come up, acknowledge them and then let go.


Begin by gathering a few sensory items:

1. Taste. Find something that tastes wonderful to you, even decadent. Let go of any guilt or negative feelings you may have surrounding food. Let your intuition guide you as to which food to use for this exercise. For me, this is often chocolate!

2. Smell. Gather whatever fragrant items stir your soul or are associated with positive memories or emotions. These may include your favorite perfume, incense, or essential oil.

3. Touch. Find an item that helps you feel good in your skin but offers a strong sensation, such as a feather, ice cube, or piece of silk.

4. Sound: What sounds entice you to move or go into a reflective state? Maybe it’s a piece of music or your own instrument, or the sounds of nature.

For every sensory item you experience in this rite, you are going to commune with it, and bless it for its beauty, for all that it is, and for its desire to embody, as a part of you, the living goddess. Invite yourself to really go into the feeling state of fully enjoying a sensation. Allow the judgments (this is high fat, selfish, indulgent, etc.), to have no voice and let yourself really commune with your chosen sensory item and let it become a part of your being. It wants to commune with you.

In your mind, ask the item to resonant within your body. Invite the substance to match the frequency of your body and move into a similar vibration.  You don’t need to know how to do this with your conscious mind, just trust that something begins to happen as you ask the item to create the highest harmony, balance, and unity in your being so thatalchemy can take place, turning it into the most refining vibration and light as it enters your body.

Ask your body to release or let go of anything that is being held, subconsciously or consciously, as a belief or a cellular memory that would intensify the substance. Release anything that comes into your awareness: this is too high calorie; I don’t deserve this; or any images from the past.

Before you engage with each sense, take a moment to open all your senses, tune in, and allow yourself to surrender into the ecstasy that is already in your body. Surrender into the open joyful energy moving through your body. You may feel a rush of energy that moves up and down like a wave through your body or subtle waves of light. You may feel a little lighter. With every breath, say silently, “I invite this frequency of ecstasy. I invite my body to vibrate and open to this frequency of ecstasy.”

It may seem simple, but often times we don’t give ourselves space to really experience what is right in front of us. As we cultivate our ability to experience and hold all this pleasure, we fan the inner flame of our being.

Now let’s begin.

Taste: Slowly put the food into your mouth and fully experience the sense of taste. If you allow yourself, the sense of taste can be a portal into the whole realm of ecstasy, but you must be open fully to it. Breathe deeply and open to the sensation of taste.

Smell: Take your chosen smell, bring it to your nose, and let yourself fully expand to receive that smell. Notice the frequency of that smell and the vibration it carries. Does the smell permeate your being? Is it sublime? Is it stimulating? Is it positive?

Touch: Caress yourself with your chosen item. Is it a bit surprising like an ice cube? Let it drip gently on your skin. Tickle yourself with a feather, or drape fabric across your inner forearm. Caress the palm of your hand with your fingers. Take a few minutes to fully experience your connection and experience with touch.

Sound: Listen to your sound. What emotions does it evoke in you? Where does that emotion live your body? Do you merge with the sound?

Allow yourself to be nurtured and nourished by your own senses. Become more radiant through the ecstasy of the senses. As you experience this ecstasy, breathe it down all the way through your body.  Allow yourself to enjoy the sensations and know that you are truly worthy.  Indeed!

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